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PMN is governed by a nine-person Executive Council, elected for three-year terms by the 32 member public television stations.


The current PMN Executive Council members are: Polly Anderson, General Manager & CEO of KNME in Albuquerque; Steve Bass, President & CEO of Oregon Public Broadcasting; Moss Bresnahan, President & CEO of KCTS in Seattle; Ruby Calvert, General Manager of Wyoming Public Television (Secretary); Michael Dunn, General Manager of KUED in Salt Lake City; Jack Gibson, Director and General Manager of Arizona Public Media in Tucson (Chair); Tom Karlo, General Manager of KPBS in San Diego (Vice-Chair; Kurt Mische, President & CEO of KNPB in Reno (Treasurer); and Leslie Wilcox, General Manager and CEO of Hawaii/PBS. Ronald Bornstein, Manager of Bornstein & Associates LLC in Tucson, serves as PMN’s Executive Director on a part-time basis.


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